The new app to help you train for cycling events

A collection of three iPhones 6's displaying various screens from the Pedal app
A dart board icon with an arrow

Set a goal

Pedal lets you choose from one of many cycling events near you

A black iPhone with a screen showing the Pedal event picking screen, which contains a list of local cycling events, each event shows the location and distance of the event

Pick from a wide variety of local cycling events to train towards

Everything from fun charity rides for beginners, to serious competitions for the seasoned pros

A black iPhone with a screen showing the Pedal event detail screen, the screen shows a map with the evnt location and a number of event details in a table
A calender icon with a number of days crossed off

Start a routine

Pedal schedules the perfect cycling routine to fit with your life

Pick your preferred training days and times, and let Pedal do the rest

A silver iPhone 6 with a screen showing the schedule screen from the Pedal app
A gold iPhone 6 with a screen showing the training day setup screen, the screen has a grid of a choice of days, a date picker, and a cycle speed selection picker

Cycle with purpose

Pedal creates a new circular route for you every time you ride, as you progress, routes become increasingly challenging in both distance and speed

An icon with a colourful map route
A generated circular route from the app, the next 8 images are also different generated routes displayed in a grid format

Coming to the App Store soon

Exclusively for iPhone

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