Pick from one of many cycling events near you, and select your preferred training times. Pedal creates a personalised training schedule to get you in shape for the event. Each training session comes with a custom generated, circular route to cycle, starting and finishing from your current location.

📱 iOS / Swift 🎨 Design & UX 🖥 Node js / Mongo DB
Three iPhones each with Pedal app showing

Transfusion Practice Guidelines

The new American Red Cross TPG App is an easy-to-use resource that gives hospital staff immediate access to blood usage guidelines. Built during an internship at 3 Sided Cube

📱 iOS / Objective C
An iPhone showing the main navigation screen of the TGP app

Rule for a Day

A fun quiz app for iPhone created in celebration of the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. Rule for a Day lets you discover what kind of king or queen you would make through a series of choice based questions.

📱 iOS / Swift
Two iPhones with screens from the Rule for a day app


Currently working at app development agency 3 Sided Cube, Joel is looking to expand his knowledge and abilities in all areas of the technology, design and computing. Joel is passionate about working with new technology, and is always up for a challenge.
Shout at him on twitter or politely send an email if you have any questions or enquiries.


    Technical Skills

    Experienced in using and building real products with a number of different technologies most recently:

  • iOS/App Development
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • React Native

  • Frontend/Javascript Development
    • Has experience using and building real products with:

    • Javascript / ES6
    • Ember js
    • React js
    • Node js
    • HTML
    • CSS / Sass